Jodi Carducci, first figure/fitness competition…check out that HARDWARE!!!


1st at masters fitness model


I was introduced to and started working with Jodi Carducci may 31st. This was my intro from a friend of ours Rob . ” Ken, this is Jodi, she is vegan and wants to do a figure show in 6 weeks. I think she could use your help…” Thanks Rob, for that introduction.

From day 1 Jodi was dedicated to improving herself and literally did whatever I told her to do. Being a vegan, we worked a lot on detoxing her liver and proper protocol combos to build muscle, fix her digestion and lean out her legs. All this while dieting. Jodi never complained… to me anyway.

I gave her more protocols then she had ever taken. she never complained.
I gave her Jungle Training programs and cardio, that would bury most people. She swore..but she never complained.. Along the way, Jodi realized that working on your energy and your mind is the KEY to your body working and changing the way you want it to. The quieter her mind got, the more her body changed, rapidly.

will my legs be lean enough? Will I be ready? Don’t worry I said. So she didn’t. i never worried because I knew she wouldn’t cut corners and she would put in the work and dedication necessary. Thank you Sheri Fisher, for working with her on her posing, as I said, you look better in heels than I do…

When you work hard, and have fun , good things happen… look what happened to Jodi.. She placed 5th out of 14 in fitness model novice, 3rd in figure tall novice, 2nd in figure masters tall, AND… 1st in FITNESS MODEL MASTERS!!!

great job changed because you DECIDED to. enjoy your food and rest. back to the drawing board monday. Now that jodi knows she can do this, she is ready to improve and come back better. We are proud of YOU!!

stay tuned for the evolution of Jodi Carducci

NeuroFIT Team.. “Training for LIFE!”

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